How can you help preserve and share Southern Jewish history?

We want to give you some specific examples of what your donation can do to help our History Department document and disseminate southern Jewish history - and our Heritage & Interpretation Department translate that history into hands-on experiences! Here's where dollars raised in this campaign will go to support our ongoing history and heritage projects, all of which you can learn more about on our website...


You can support our ongoing ISJL Immigration Traveling Trunk program!

  • Sponsor repairs and maintenance for one trunk: $100 

  • Gift a Traveling Trunk experience to a school (your gift will cover shipping and remote program costs to send the Traveling Trunk to a school): $150

  • Sponsor the creation of one Traveling Trunk (your gift will allow us to print resources, purchase supplies, and design materials to bring the Immigration Traveling Trunk to more communities): $500

All "Trunk Donors" will be thanked on the Traveling Trunk page of the ISJL website!


  • Sponsor a city for one year  (your name or your family's name will be added as a banner to the page with that town's history within our online Encyclopedia of Southern Jewish Communities; simply note which town you wish to sponsor when you make your donation, e.g.  "Greenwood, Mississippi." We'll keep a running list of sponsored towns on this campaign page!): $250

  • Sponsor a state for one year (each state in the Encyclopedia has its own landing page; all sponsored states will be updated, and your or your family's name can appear as a banner on the overall state page with this gift! Simply note which state you wish to sponsor when you make your donation, e.g. Texas. We'll keep a running list of sponsored states on this campaign page!): $1,000


  • Buy us some archival pens! $10

  • Help us contact Hillels with information about Alternative Breaks in the Mississippi Delta: $18

  • Send all of the materials for Picturing Southern Jewish Life to a community: $25

  • Help us strengthen our electronic files! Sponsor the digitization of one oral history: $60

  • Support our ongoing research! Sponsor a subscription for one year: $150

  • Support our ongoing research! Sponsor an subscription for one year: $300

  • Sponsor full transcription of one oral history: $300

  • Help us continue collecting stories! Purchase a new digital recorder: $350

  • Send Dr. Josh Parshall to the next Southern Jewish Historical Society conference: $800

  • Send Nora Katz to the next to Council of American Jewish Museums conference: $800

  • Sponsor a 2019 history or heritage intern for the summer (all publicity materials, Shalom Y'all magazine features, and intern PR can include your name or your family's name, such as the "The Miles Milesberg Family 2019 Internship"): $5,000

*Even after this campaign closes, contact us at any time about bringing Dr. Parshall to your community, coordinating a Southern Jewish Heritage Tour with Nora Katz, and putting our resources to use! Thank you! 


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